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Hey DGC found your show a month or so ago and have been hooked. I’m a new grower and on my 2nd grow. Trying a ILGM autoflower mix pack. It has Blueberry auto, Amnesia Haze auto and Northern Light auto seeds. It’s all Looking good so far approaching day 60 from seed. I Started the grow from seed in early April in my garage in a 4ft x 2.5ft x 4.5 tall  wood grow box I buit myself. I have viparspectra p2500 LED LIGHT a 185 CFM fan with carbon filter that exhausts through my garage wall outside into backyard and small dehumidifier. It’s starting to get hot here in southern prohibition land and I am worried about heat and humidity. Currently at canopy it ranges from 75-93 and humidity is around 65% on average. The exhaust moves out a good bit of heat but I’m worried it’s not enough to keep temps down as summer progresses. I have a stand up portable “AC” fan where you load water and it takes dry air and cools it. With 80+ % humidity it does not really have any air to evaporate and cool..Besides making a hole in my garage wall for a small AC unit I wanted to see if you had any ideas on how to cool and keep the humidity low in my grow. Is there a proper sequence or most efficient way to cool with the equipment I currently have or am I better off just getting a small window unit for whole garage? I am a Recovering alcoholic who thankfully found the grow and wifey approved! This home growing is good for my soul and keeps me sober and entertained. It will be a life long passion!!Thank you DGC for all the info and supreme entertainment! Also I Just became a Patron member as it’s the least I can do to help keep such a good thing going. Peace