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Thank You Guys,

I started growing with my Dad almost 1 year ago. My Dad has Chronic pain, Mom has Fibromyalgia. My brother sister, aunts and uncles are staying medicated and I’m supplying 3 cancer patients. Prohibition is a Crime. I’m in Madison Wisconsin so I’m keeping my head down to maintain freedom. The rising tide needs to rise faster. I’ve learned so much while being entertained by You guys.

We run autos under 24-7 light so as to not have power spikes. I use mainly GH flora-nova Bloom.+ all the goodies I discover In the Gh/Botanicare lines at around 900 ppm through flower. I use and love Recharge Does a hot nute regiment cause foxtails?

I’m in the dairy-land and have wanted to run a 1/1 healer since I heard about them. Mephisto recently released a healer auto named Canna-Cheese. And they are sold out. Could You guys ask seeds here now Mr. Bean if he has Canna-Cheese in breaker packs. My last seed order was through GYO and the sent me some photos in the seed bank pack.