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Hello there DGC,

This is my first post and first grow of anything. Coming to you from northeast prohibition land. Before I get into it I just want to thank the DGC especially Scotty, Dude, and of course Guru. I grew blackberry kush from ilgm in 6 DWC individual bubble buckets in a 5×5. I know how silly this was about the time I found the show. I found this show two weeks after I started and I immediately wished I discovered you guys much sooner. The nutrients were jacks 321 but due to laziness I had deficiencies, toxicity issues and eventually spider mites  I’m very thankful because you’re Itunes library chilled my concerns and learned where I went wrong. Switching to hempy buckets this next run. Thank you for keeping me entertained while I drywall finish and work 13 hour days thanks again to the DGC