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After about a year of planning and learning I’ve actually pulled off my first grow and I think these nugs are pretty dank. Thank you Dude, Scotty, Guru, and the entire DGC. I think I’ve listened to just about every episode and read every post on the site at this point. Without all the knowledge the DGC provided I wouldn’t have been able to pull 12 ounces in prohibition land. I’ve been able to just give out handfuls to friends and family and the looks on their faces makes it all worth the struggle. I used build a soil 3.0 with organic amendments (BAS craft blend and build a bloom, insect frass, LOTS OF RECHARGE, Mammoth P in flower, coconut water, Aloe Vera, straw mulch, and oly mountain fish compost) and red wigglers in 2 15 gallon radicle bags. I used a spare closet and built a diy led with chilled logic pucks and a 4k Cree cob ( major shout out to guru, growmau5, and greengene for all the led information). The larger buds are apple sundae by cannarado genetics and the smaller ones are white hot guava from Clearwater genetics. I’ve never grown a single thing in my life before this and the whole seed to harvest process was genuinely the most fascinating thing I’ve ever witnessed first hand. I cannot stress my Thanks enough to the entire DGC, you’ve all made my life immeasurably easier and better. Looking forward to second grow now and I’ve already got some katsu Bubba from seeds here now germinating. Thanks again DGC!