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My first REAL GROW. Got 2×4 tent. 2 mars hydro ts1000 lights. 4in AC infinity/charcoal filter, Two 7 gal. Coco and organic dry amendments (jobes 4-4-4 n’ roots bloom for flower) worm castings, and recharge! I did add toward end along w/ epsom which i think prevented a nice fade. Live and learn.  But 1mystery bag seed, 1 tres leches bag seed. And look nice for me 😊 thank you DGC and Recharge crew for helping me grow somethin I can be proud of!

Today marks 2 months of flowering. I veg’d them both for 1 month 3weeks. They seem ready to chop now. Thank you for all the help! It has truly made the difference!

Save Soil! 😊

mystery bag seed on left (larger buds) tres lecheson right (smaller but more dense)