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Thanks DGC, Scotty, Dude, Guru & Warehouse Kyle.

I just recently got featured on two EP 798 & EP 800. thank you so much . Guru explained my dry ice tech for live rosin perfect. You guys have a great team there & I thank you for what you do. I have been growing for over 18 years & put a lot of time & money into my hobby of love. Being a part of the DGC & getting air time has made it worth all my time. The byproduct of this hobby of love is super natural clean meds i have helped my own dog beat cancer 6 years ago along with helping others with medical problems over the years with cannabis oil. I have always considered myself a healer & not a dealer. I work a regular 9 to 5 so it has never been about money. My dog Hunter is 16 years old now & chilling beside me while i write this post. He has gotten a canna oil capsule daily for 6 years now. So from me & my dog Hunter S Thompson, here are some more dank nug shots of some Kings Cheese from my grows.