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What’s up DGC

Recovering from a bad ass DGC cup night,Thanks Dude and DGC Denver crew it was awesome.

**Best Cup surprise ***

My favorite was sitting on the smoke couches and this guy sits down and opens a bag and says I grew this and gives me a hit…Holy shit that is the best weed I have ever hit at 44 years old that’s the best so far!!!! I asked his name and he said J.R  and then the old man Unca Jim next to me as well..I SMOKED WITH JR TOKEN!!!!  Holy shit JR and Unca Jim got me lit…and had an awesome conversation for a good half hour, nothing like meeting a hero!!!!

Shout out to Irie Genetics they totally hooked me and then wife up and actually they grow not to far from our grow!!!! Made a couple good friends and best of all

COLIN THANK YOU!!! We went large on Ethos beans, Grandpa stash, Lilac Purple and a couple others and with a good amount of bean packs we got lots of bonus beans😎

and Duke we will do some good with those beans bro,help some sick folks.

We are so grateful for the epic dank smoke out and the incredible amount of growers love on display,will be back next year!!!