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Our big plant that was stolen, solved for us within a week or so of transplanting her, that our indoor lighting was entirely inadequate.  We had three of the Rapid LED (Scotty’s hair sticking up heatsink types); two in one tent and one in the other (‘not enough photons).  We moved them all into one tent (and fixed its airflow/cooling); then needed a new light for the other tent, so based on the heartfelt endorsement of HLG by the DGC, we ordered the 260W QB V2 Rspec LED kit this morning and they immediately shipped it.  It has been said that their customer service is beyond reproach; so far so good

Our indoor grow has only been used for starting some auto seeds and getting clones going for a while now (using only one lamp) and I’m looking forward to assembling the new light and trying things out indoors again as the outdoor season comes to an end.

Thanks very much for the recommendation!