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What up DGC,

Just wanted to give Scotty a shout out for the Grow Dots system. I’m a first time grower and admittedly I’m a fan of organics, but having never grown before I was a little intimidated to jump in with out really understanding it. Huge shout out to Jeremy from Build a Soil! Anyway I’m currently running an organic system but the beautiful plant above (Hellbender by Gas Reaper Genetics) is an auto I planted into 5 gal of soil with Grow Dots. It’s my very first plant and I’ve had to do nothing but water and of course give a weekly dose of Recharge. Scotty thank you for creating a system that gives newbies like me a little confidence by seeing how easy it really can be to grow your own. I didn’t think I’d love growing this plant as much as I love smoking it but now I’m obsessed! Stay lit DGC!