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Dude, Scotty and Guru,

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the grow knowledge. I drive truck and the podcast is the best part of my daily routine. I live in your old stomping grounds of south Florida and thought I would grow my wife her medicine. She has a medical card but $55 eighths is killing our budget.

I was just finishing up week five of a Gorilla glue/blueberry cross when my wife texts me that the cops are here and they have everything. Everything at this point is one plant in flower and six plants in various stages of vegetative growth. This is where it gets funny. Imagine a dozen sheriffs ripping apart every room, closet and drawer in your house. I hope they enjoyed the sex toy box as the kept asking “where is the cash”. We have no cash my money is at the dispensary.

The catalyst that started all of this was that a friend from a legal cannabis state sent my wife an ounce of trim to help her get by until I could harvest my plant. It would have been nice if this friend would have thought about odor control during the postal trip. They tagged this box right from the start. This one ounce of trim hidden in a five pound box of household goods set up the “bust of the year” for these officers. My house looks like a TV crime show when the cops are searching for the hidden computer files. All of my possessions in a pile on the floor.

I’m not sure where this all ends but my question for the DGC is how much THC is going to show up if they really test my week #5 flowering plant. I will let you know how my All the plants are “hemp” defense turns out.