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Hey DGC!

Just wanted to introduce myself. Stumbled across The Capn’s corner a few weeks back, and got really excited when I saw Dude & Scotty run such a frequent podcast. Loving the show, and of course did my part in buying some Recharge!

I’ve been vaping flowers for around 12 years, and now that California has gone legal I’m already a month into my first grow. I may be a noob grower, but I’m a professional biologist. I focused on animal cellular biology during college, graduating with an M.S. in Biotechnology & Stem Cell Technology. Professionally I’m a stem cell biology researcher, focusing on genetics and cellular identity. I’m definitely interested in playing with plant tissue culture, as well as every other bit of cannabis cultivation tech. I’m even considering shifting into cannabis professionally, if I can find my right niche.

So, I feel like the DGC and I have some excellent potential for synergy. You all have some mad experience that my inexperienced ass could greatly use, and hopefully you all can reach out to me if you need some help understanding microbiology, genetics, scientific data/info, experimental conditions, etc. Since my education was lacking regarding plants, I’m now plowing through botany literature, plant biology books, and cannabis forums. If anyone has a favorite resource that goes into cellular/molecular level detail, I’d be stoked for recommendations.

Thanks all, take care!