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This pre 98 bubba x star dawg was grown in Mother Earth coco coir with a 70 coco / 30 chunky perlite mix in a 5 gallon fabric pot, started from seed. I use all organic bottled nutes during veg (cold pressed kelp, humboldt nutrients verde, Some willow tea I make, whatever humic, silica (after in 1 gal pot) and cal-mag I can get the cheapest) After I am in 1 gal plastic pots I also start to try and build my microbes and bacteria up in my coco by using mammoth p that I make by inoculating jars of alfalfa that are sterile with ro water in them (like jar tech for mushrooms) I then strain the water and inoculate gallons of ro water with the concentrated mammoth(feel free to leave that out if it will bother mammoth) I step to a 5 or 7 gal fabric pot next always using mycos (every transplant). They sit under a mix of single end mh and hps 1000 watters for a week and I turn the lights out for a full 24 hrs and start my 12/12. When I switch to flower since I don’t have any salt build up from using organic nutes for veg I go 1990’s baseball on them Barry Bonds style!!! I use humbolt nutrients 3 part at 1/2 strength on their full line chart and fox farm 3 part soluble additives at about 2/3 strength of their full line chart, plus my humics, cal-mag, silicate (till end of stretch), molasses, and what ever brand of enzymes is best deal I can find for dead roots (this time was cyco prozyme) used to be hydrozyme till it got crazy expensive. I do a lot of LST during the stretch and keep everything clean with good air flow while working my plants into their first trellis. As soon as the the stretch is over I drop my second trellis stop the silicate, start adding more molasses to help support  the extra mammoth I am adding. I will now go through and take every large fan leaf that is blocking the single end 1000 hps light from reaching a bud site and clean under my canopy (I’ll end up doing this a few more times) By this time I’m running a ppm of about 1450 and always keep my pH at 6.0 using molasses as a pH down. By week 7 I drop my ppm to around 1100 by lowering my 3 part to a 1/4 strength. and during my last week I flush with ro, molasses, and about triple the recommended mammoth.  I cut when I have about 10 to 15 percent amber trichs, hang it in my curing room where I keep it cool enough your nipples get hard when you walk in till most of the average size stems will snap then it goes into a Rubbermaid tote, trimmed, jarred and finally smoked!!! Sorry for the longevity, you guys rock (guru you the man!!)

Thanks, West End Med