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Hi Guys,

Bud McLovin here, the Dudes german BFF (and a famous Rammstein-Hater).

Right now i am growing four little girls of my favourite Strain, Northern Lights, in a raised bed in my little greenhouse on the prairie (aka my garden).

Northern Lights is my favorite strain because it’s good for a concealed grow. The smell in flower is not very strong AND they stay small.

As you might know… everyone can follow me and my grow on instagram and everybody is free and welcome to comment.

A few days ago a guy from germany told me via comments that i got it all wrong. That my outdoor-project will utterly fail because outdoor grown Northern Lights will get 3 Meters (around 10 feet) high and that my greenhouse is way to small.

Wait… WHAT? Is that true? I cannot find any evidence that this guy is right. So in reminiscence of Henry Silva in “Amazon Women on the Moon” i have to ask you guys following important question: Bullshit or not?


Bud McLovin