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I have a blue lobster plant that I’m having some serious trouble with. Connoisseur quality smoke with BEAUTIFUL colors that almost shine when she’s pampered with a bit of finesse. One caveat. She is one finicky bitch. Fellas she’s looking a little too blue and she’s taking me down with her to that deep dark sad and lonely place. After listening to grow talk 966 I finally said fuck it and went all in. I’m running a hybrid coco grow using veg/bloom (sometimes Jacks) nutrients with all of the usual amendments. 82 degrees, 75% humidity, 1400 ppm co2, and 800 ppfd (these obviously change throughout the cycle but I just went in and that’s where its running right now) On top of that I obviously add Recharge. I love Recharge. All was well except the blue lobster. She was still down in the dumps. I decided to add more Recharge. After 45 minutes I added more Recharge. A few minutes later a light dusting of Recharge. All of a sudden she was looking up. The Recharge was working! I was so happy I dusted some Recharge on my cocktail and I swear the Recharge made it taste better. I added some Recharge to my dull pasta carbonara and it suddenly “Recharged” it!! I wondered where else I could use the Recharge. Maybe I’ll martingale Recharge into my plants so they can experience double the Recharge they’d experienced before!! I then added:

2x the Recharge

4x the Recharge

8x the Recharge

16x the Recharge and yes she was looking even better!!!!!

But then it went downhill. She started looking orange. Fuck!!! I had cooked my queen with Recharge!!!! I love Recharge but I had abused her power. I Recharged her to death. Just put those nine inch nails into my coffin with and be done with me sirs. I always mishandle the things closest to me. Just like my Recharge. 🙁