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Hey guys and gal’s! Love the podcasts and the shows on YouTube and have been going nuts the last few months with some time off work! Finally got some of my shit together and built myself “the box”. It’s approx 1.75ft wide 4ft long and 7.5 ft tall, insulated, will be heated/thermostat controlled  (but no humidity controls yet), 4x 4inch fans (2 side/2top) all blowing in and a carbon filter on top to vent out. 1x spider farmer sf1000 but hopefully get another one later down the track.

How many plants can I grow? Going to use coco/perlite mix. Am I better off having a few small plants or one big daddy? I was hoping to do one big one with the majority of the light focused on that plant and maybe a small side one? the light does 3×3 veg 2×2 flower (ish from what I’ve read)

Also… would love some beginner friendly nutrient boosters? don’t think I can get recharge down in probab land (aus)😭

much appreciated! peace

original dansksta