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Just a lil update after some feed back and a mention by the legends themselves on YouTube! Had these girls from seed and ended up running 2 15L pots. added some fans etc but still need a few more adjustments, but running OK?? Anyway after waaaaaaay today weeks (probably close to 8 since the seeds popped the dirt) I have 2 lil girls. just repotted into the final home, light 60%@2 1/2ft temp… 😬 has a heater but not hot enough, humidifier… not yet 🤣 Overwatered, cold, no humidity… cheap bunnings made coco/perlite/peat moss mix AND THE LIST GOES ON!!! but this is where I’m at 😁😁 Loving the learning process and the daily improvement 😁 thanks to you guys! and all the podcast shows ♥️♥️ Anyway. looking forward to finding out what strains I scored in my mix pack! Any one got any early guesses??