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Hey DGC fam!

This is the final plant Harvested from my second successful indoor grow! This girl was planted on a whim. A buddy gave me the seed and had no clue what strain (prohibition land…). But, this was by far the largest canna seed I have ever seen, easily double the size of the average seed!  So I just had to plant it. I dubbed it the Bulk due to the seed size. Within 12 hours this thing had a half inch radical root, and within 2 days it had 3 sets of leaves. This thing wanted to GROW!

Unfortunately about week 5 of flower I started dealing with some sort of imbalance which hurt yield, but I am still very happy with what I got from this girl! Smells like someone smoking a joint in a warehouse full of new tires.  She is definitely  a creeper, slowly hits you with a good balanced body and head high!

Stay Golden DGC and stay High.