Like Scotty, I’m always looking to simplify the gardening, and boy-oh-boy have I nailed it this time!! Honestly, you’ll probably shit your pants when you see what I’ve done and wonder why you’ve not thought of it 🙂

Thanks to AC Infinity, I purchased a set of their self watering systems, they’re great quality, will last forever, the plastic is really supple (ooh er missus!).

Get on with the grow hack, man! Stop waffling on!!….

Go over to AlixEpress/Ebay/Amazon or your favorite bootleg store and purchase a micro float valve. When it arrives, drill a 13mm hole in the base grill thingymajigwhatnot, angle the valve to 90 degrees. Connect to your favorite water supply, whether that be a tank, tap on low pressure, watering can, whatever floats your boat. Take your AC Infinity fabric bag, load it with your grow material of choice, mix in the grow dots, add plant of choice. Top water once, turn on grow lights, set the environment, return to grow three months thereafter. Sit on an upside-down 5gal, shit your pants, and admire the most simple automated system in the world. EVER! FACKT! KISSTHERING!

If AC Infinity make a v2 version of their self watering pot and they steal this idea (you sneaky sneaksters), I want royalties, or just credit me in the included user guide!


Peace & Love to all.

Link to ball float