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What’s up you beautiful people of the DGC. I wanted to share with you, my DGC family, the fruits of my summer/fall run/harvest. It was a product of  a genetics/strain purge, decided not to take anymore progeny, lack of head stash etc moving on to run some ethos, irie  gear, yadayada, just threw em all in, burned and turned, fitting everything where I could. As it went, had 9 in a 2×4, and 9 in a 3×3, 1st unintended SOG of my career. Genetics range from “growers choice ” og kush from seed, “growers choice ” Mexican haze from clone, best coast genetics “sour Hebrew national ” clones (courtesy of the mother/ my DGC producer “freebies”, and 2 or 3 “bag seeds/unknown “(which I believed one of them hermed late/finding some seeds across a few plants/concentrating towards those plants which I’m finding seeds at a higher rate) not bad enuff to consider things “ruined ” but none the less I’m finding some (plants In the 2×4 only/ finding 0 from plants in 3×3) everything is cured up now, other than the occasional seeds, was a successful run by my standards, keep moving forward and getting better, credits to the DGC, Rasta Jeff, buildasoil, cltv, etc…guys from my hydro store lol. Used coco/peat/perlite/ castings @gut feeling ratios for growing media, flying skull nutes, Recharge fosho, bloom booster teas, pot lift/feeling method for between watering. Let pots dry out pretty good, pH between 5.9-6.4, water from tap, ppm 700-1k, started @solos, to 1 gals, then 2 gals (that transplant sucked) fab pots, great white at transplant, clones vegged for less than 3 weeks, 2×4 light by 2 spider farmer sf1000s, 3× was maxsisun pb2000, ac infinity duct fan, only ran lights around 80%, no c02, only ambient,  looking forward to progress as a personal grower, crucial medicine for me, thanks for the community you guys have provided, enjoy, critique, compliment…