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Hey DGC!

I just wanted to let you all know about my new weekly project, The Grow Tip of the Week!

Each week I’m going to be rolling out a new short article with a quick tip to help you improve your garden and get more enjoyment out of your grow.  My goal is to keep each tip short and easy to read, but still pack it full of as much helpful info as I can.

I’ll be covering a wide variety of topics ranging from grow gear to garden philosophy.  I started a few weeks ago, so heres the tips that have come out so far:

#1) Set Garden Goals

#2) Focus on the Fundamentals

#3) Practice IPM

#4) Invest in your Garden

New Tips come out EVERY TUESDAY, and they are posted on the homepage of my website, GrowersLove.com

While you’re there, check out the Classic Soup Articles and the New Grower Basics too!

I have BIG PLANS for the website with much more coming soon.

If you like what I’m doing and want to help me out, please consider picking up a GrowersLove T-shirt!

And please tell your friends about Growers Love and share the Grow Tip of the Week with your friends on social media!  I could really use your help getting the word out!


Keep Growing!

Keep Smoking!