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Continuing off the post made for passing “drops”, probland lingo for “piss test” lol. Just wanted to share my thoughts cause I’ve been thru it! Reader discretion is advised/ explicit content. Probation, there’s no faking, yes, the “pectin method” was prevalent during those days, in my attempt to try, let alone the taste, the application,  and perhaps long term health effects,  I couldn’t manage it, I JUST HAD TO QUIT SMOKING,  for 5 years. Can’t cheat those guys cause they scrutinize heavily lol! But countermeasures for jobs and less intensive test, I keep a “tipped small bottle” wrap with hardwarmers,  securing with rubber bands, pee courtesy of someone trusted. This method has never failed me, wanted to share. Matter of fact, im actively using said method lol, ps, if your worried about Temps, the handwarmers are perfect,  you can buy time with “I don’t have to pee yet”…..also I swallow some pride and say “cause of back pain, I usually sit down to pee…and I rec refreshing/replacing specimens weekly/ bi weekly or you’ll be whipping up some dank in that sock lol…sorry not sorry, the lengths one will go to enjoy this wonderful,  beautiful,  spiritual medicine in the land of criminalization!! (That “tion” is just for the dude) keep on pushing DGC!!!