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Whats up dgc, my Mac’s are in the middle of week 4 right now and thought I would share it. I’m not Sure if it was me or just the strains characteristics but I grew extremely slow through veg, I put them into flower and they went crazy, they are grown in the coots/buildasoil Malibu mix I mixed myself. I’m fallowing the coots style feeding with aloe, silica, coconut water,  mammoth P and recharge. also added a half and half mix of Sumatran guano and vermi pk boost. Now coming close to week 5 I gave them a full dose of pk boost which will be they’re last feed till harvest. I will still feed them the silica, coconut water and aloe since those don’t need to be flushed. I cant wait to see how these girls turn out.
Also if anyone have grown this strain and had the same slow veg growth and knows how to speed it up, let me know.