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So, lets start with the title…I specifically grow Vaders (Ocean Grown) line of products. I had been growing the Jawa Kush, and for 3 rounds, me and my friends thought it was pretty good. Not great but really decent.. So, I decided to move on, finish the clones, of the product and call it a day… than the finish came along and wouldn’t you know it… something changed, I am unsure if phenom change can happen from a clone, but the plant got scale-able difference from its mom…on a scale of 1-10 the finish every other time has been about a 5 to 6….the finish of the last round….was easy 8 to 9… long lasting, flavorful, smelled great… what can I say. I posted pics of Alien rift, Kauai Electrics, Lemon Jeffery from Irie Genetics, Dough G is in one of the photos as well…I couldn’t post to the photos so I the thicker nugs are the alien rift its about 6 weeks in, and the rest are just getting going…around 3 weeks. I currently have Maui Wowie. The Gathering, of which, I am having germination issues with, and High Lander…the high lander is a great strain. Yet to see the gathering…I’m going to get some GA3 and see if that will help loosing it up from its dormant state…Cheers All…