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Hello DGC,

I just wanted to share this as I thought is was very cool to see happening in tiny town (2,500 citizens) Hartford, Michigan!

This event will have vendors, music, and even a smoking session area! This is very progressive for this little town. Kudos to them!

One unique aspect is that Hartford allows Micro Grow Licensing. A Michigan Micro Grow license allows up to 150 plants, but they can only process those plants into Flower, Extracts, and Edibles. They can only sell those products at their micro dispensary. I have been there (Transcend) a few times, and since they focus on 150 plants they produce great medicine! Reminds me of what micro brewery’s did for beer!

Anyway, I know that the local officials struggled with marijuana licensing, and I think it’s cool to see this area go from prohibition to full on capitalism!

Here is a link to the website for the event.



(The Chairman)