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After the latest episode of Wake and Bake I gave in and ordered an HLG 600 RSpec for my 4×4 grow. Hopefully this will be my last lighting experiment. I had been using a 315 CMH and 2 HLG 100 Rspec leds and they did alright but I just felt like my buds could have been better. They had decent size but just not as tight as I would like. After listening to last podcast I finally said “fuck it” and got on HLGs site and finally clicked that buy button. Not only do they have 15% of a lot of their R Spec lights but you can still use the Dude  Grows code and get another 10% off. $640 for an $850 light seems like a smokin deal. Thanks DGC. Cant wait to get this going on my next grow which will be some Sin City Seeds Sideswiped feminized seeds from our friends at Seeds Here Now. I’ve saved enough in discounts that its paid for my Patreon subscription. Thanks for the deals and the knowledge.