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What up Dude, Scotty, Guru, and DGC.  Late last night I was mixing up my nutrient reservoir and had a thought. I seem to remember this topic being touched on in an episode or two but being more about the relationship between water temperature on plant growth. I have a different thought that I want some feedback on.

First, my research last night lead me to this:

“Temperature plays a significant role on pH measurements. As the temperature rises, molecular vibrations increase which results in the ability of water to ionise and form more  hydrogen ions. As a result, the pH will drop. Every solution will undergo a change in their pH value through changes in temperature. A difference in pH measurements at different temperatures is NOT an error! The new pH level simply tells about the true pH for that solution at that specific temperature.”

This made me think about a few things. First, it seems logical to me that the best approach might be to water the plants with a nutrient solution that is the same temperature as the root zone so that there is zero shock when it’s added.  Sort of like the way a sensory deprivation tank is kept at the same temperature as your skin.

Secondly, if I PH balance my nutrient solution while it is at 63 degrees F, then water my plants with it which are kept in a tent around 75 degrees F, is it possible that as the nutrient solution absorbs into the medium and sits there for a few hours it will rise in temperature and ultimately undergo a change in PH?

The PH fluctuation may be minimal, but if you PH balance your nutrients to a specific range, wouldn’t you want to keep it there while it absorbs into the plants?  It seems like a variable that is easily overlooked and I’m curious if it would make much of a difference. Especially if you’re diagnosing nutrient deficiencies and are trying to rule out every possible variable. PH lockout seems to be extremely common among growers. I think I may get a digital aquarium heater and a soil thermometer to test my theory.

Thanks for reading, I’ve very interested to hear what you guys have to say!

Much love DGC!

-Frosty Mitten