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Dude, Scotty and Guru,

Really appreciate all of the hard work with the DGC and I’m hoping to start a conversation of what benefits are associated with leaving the girls in the dark for 48 hours prior to harvest. I’m turning week 7 of flower, running Ethos Zsweet Inzanity….man Colin don’t mess around….I’m growing in the Nectar for the Gods #4 soil (some additional amendments) and running their full Roman regimen liquids. I’ve been growing for a long time now but really haven’t taken to the “harvesting in the dark” rhetoric. What am I missing here? Am I doing myself a disservice by not harvesting with an ample lights out period? I’ve been fortunate to grow some really really nice dank but wondering if doing this will step it up another notch. Also…what about the lights out environment? I’m lucky enough to have a chilled water cooled tent so VPD is a stroke of a key away. I can bury humidity as low as 10% and drop temps to the 40’s. Any benefit to burying the environment during this lights out condition? Looking forward to all your respective thoughts on the matter

Dave from Beantown