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What up what up, To the Dude & the one and only Scotty Real, And yes you to  guru. Last time I chimed in with a question I targeted the guru With it and I  watched you two just look at one another And was like what up with that. Well that was my bad. First time post jitters. OK guys I need to know I’ve been a long time  listener but a longer time grower of the outdoor and now that I’ve moved it inside I’ve been trying to find tune my set up as much as I can through the information that you guys have been providing. So far we’ve been hitting on all cylinders thanks to your SHOW. But my question is I am running a 6 x 6 x 6 1/2 and I have my ladies in there that I started from clones, I am getting some advice from the coach  & others but I still would like to run it through you guys to see if there’s going to be any hiccups in the set up  I just ordered my 400+ CFM fan with heat and humidity temp controls and then on the advice of others I purchased a phresh   6 inch by 16“ carbon filter now do I run the exhaust which will be the filtered air back into the tent, to recirculate or do I just vent that out into the room and if I vent out into the room how strong will the smell be.?  Will I be able to walk inside my house without smelling my girls and my wife saying O that smell O that smell Chicago Ron. The high tech redneck and the LED I’m using is the YEHSENCE 2000W & SUNNEWGROW 2000W   I had 2 donor moms for my clones but I had to set them outside due to the smell So is the 400CFM Phresh carbon filter & the 400CFM Going to be able to clean up my air problems or will I still have some smell? Now I understand there has to be negative pressure inside my tent for everything to work properly.