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What is up my DGC compadres. Just like to start by saying thank you for making my isolation, not so isolated. I feel more connected then ever with friends from all over the world to chat to and i don’t even need to worry if they are good people because if there part of the DGC, i know they at least got good taste. Well here are my autos. My first time with autos and i went with blueberry. These things suffered all kinds of ups and downs. I also performed experiments on them. Topped one, defoliated another, synthetic nutes on a couple and organic dry amendments on another. They started off looking like they were going to yield very little. Well as we round the finish line I’m am blown away by their sheer mass. They are a mess of pure colas. They may not look as frosty as others but an earlier harvested plant from the bunch let me know they were not lacking in potency of course all my DGC friends helped me if i needed it and i just wanted to share with all the members who may not have seen them. Thanks again for an awesome show.