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Whassuuupp DGC NATION!

Shout out to DGC Discord best damn group of folks to talk grow and life of a grower with!!

As a few know I am switching up my game after the DGC cup and tasting the flavor and terp profile of the organic bud at the DGC Cup JR in particular…dank shit bro..put my ass in the dirt on one J🔥

I switched from Botanicare bottle nutes this grow the goal being full organic or as close as I can get…I allegedly already had added Mammoth P and Recharge with some Guano last run and decided to try full top dress /organic grow. The impetus for alot of this as a result of Botanicare becoming Miracle gro….cant in good conscience buy a product after the factory gets laid off here. 🖕

So far the PH adjustment was the biggest thing coming off synthetics (Botanicare) I noticed that the normal low range (5.7)was not going to cut it no serious issues just the ladies were not happy, adjusted the pH up from normal coco hydro water in to 6.4…they perked right up and the growth is explosive now..

Grow Question:

Now as the organics take hold further in and microbes really start tearing into shit is the pH going to continue to need to be adjusted up to 7 eventually right now I am just watching the ladies so far 6.4 is perfect

Grow specifics for analyses are

Ethos Genetics Purple Majik, Ethos Lilac Diesel and LR Acapulco Gold.

Week 3 veg. Topped 2x and LST underway Rasta Jeff style ,twist and pop them girls👊

Coco 50% perlite D2W hydroton on surface of pots for watering and no holes👍

LED 1200 true watts California Lightworks Solar Storm 550s (dimmed to 800 watts in veg) spectrum is programmed at 40% red 99% blue and 99% white,10×10 open room 18/6 cycle

Co2 900-1100

83° F  R.H 45 to 50%.

Nutes, coco amendments on start up Worm.castings 1/2 cup ,per 5 kg bale of coco watered in with Recharge and RO water to 6 ph.

Nutes, Down to Earth top dresses in pics. Mammoth P .7 ml per gallon,Recharge light pinch every watering just enough to stain water, RAW Silica from NPK 1/2 tsp 2x week in veg. Foliar switched from Liquid Karma to a light solution of bat guano tea…3x daily

Ladies are growing well after initially getting used to an entirely new grow room ,lights, getting ready to house moms, and genetics ,has been fun! Thanks to my DGC fam over on Discord for all the love as we make the canna journey together.

Meseeks, Coolin, soil4life, Spartangrown, Drop, south floridafarmer, Rustyshackele, Dankforeveryone, so many thank you all. The Cups are coming home to the DGC just on loan😎

DGC 🔥 19′