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yo yo grow homeboy’s and girls.  Remember the clones that I had from the “grow hack I guess” post.   Well it has been 7 days since I transplanted these girls into 5 gallon buckets.   These bucket are completely identical,  same medium, nutrients, air flow, light……everything….no more vibrations.  I encourage everyone to try this as it seems to be very effective.  I am limited on my plant count so I have no room to experiment for a couple weeks until my bloom room starts clearing out.   Next run I am going to use  same strains to knock that out the equation.  Look at the pictures,  it kinda blows the mind.   My way of logic tells me that because the root system and stalk on the Cookie Wreck  had matured so quickly during clone stage,  the plant can now focus on canopy growth instead,  while the Brahma is still developing these aspects.  Nevermind the tube you see going to the Brahma it is not doing anything yet,  I’m getting ready to experiment with hydrogen gas as I found some studies that suggest there are benefits to this.   I’m going to try adding it to the canopy area and also the root zone but that is another topic altogether.  You may notice the buckets have a foam looking thing around them,  this is fish tank filter,  comes 12 inches wide and 10 feet long but has zero chemicals in it.  The idea here is turning my 5 gallon buckets into air pruning buckets,  I should add that I have drilled holes all around the bucket.  You may also notice that the buckets are sitting on a shelf.  These are in a 2×4 tent,  I have a piece of plywood cut to fit the dimensions of the tent with 3 holes cut in it, to center, three 5 gallon buckets in the tent,  these bucket hover about 3 inches off the floor of the tent,  suspended by the plywood.  Next I covered the plywood in a white plastic.  The perimeter is taped to create an “air tight” seal separating the roots from the canopy.  The idea here is that I can circulate fresh air in root zone and have Co2 rich air in the canopy area.  Co2 sinks, so typically it would need to build up at the root zone in order to have the higher PPM at the canopy,  the separation eliminates 16 inches x 2 feet x 4 feet or about 10.5 cubic feet of air space,  that means I need less Co2 to maintain the PPM I’m shooting for.    I’m going to stop here because I just realized I’m talking about stuff I had no intention of talking about with this post.  I just wanted to show you pictures of the two plants.   Any feedback, thoughts, or whatever would be appreciated.