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What’s up DGC? I’ve rehashed the fuck out of my grow space recently to cope with winter temperatures after losing my last couple of autos, and I’m having some teething problems with the new set up. Whilst the cold season is almost over, I’d still like to nail this environment down as much as possible with the small space I have available for future winters and the inevitable summer heat.

Where do I position my monitor and thermostat controller? I’ve had them at ground level and on the wall but the temperature fluctuates too much. I’ve had them on top of the soil and the plant gets too hot. I currently have them hanging from twine at canopy level, and the temperature seems to have stabilized, but I’m still seeing clawing on new growth.

I’m growing BCN Critical Auto XXL using mainly coco with some peat, top dressed castings and perlite. Bottom feeding plain water, top watering recharge, cal mag and base A/B nutrients from the Samurai range with some dry days between. I’ve also got a yeast/sugar Co2 booster bottle that is replenished weekly. The plant looks otherwise healthy and is doing better than most grow diaries I’ve seen of the same strain, but I want my girl to be as happy as can be with the dank to match. I know autos are delicate, but when you have to pack down your grow and hide your plant for landlord visits the light flexibility is a life saver. Do I just need to do a Cal-Mag foliar? Are my temps fluctuating too much?? Am I watering too much??? Is it too damn humid???? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and much love from my cold and windy UK attic grow.