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I planted these Zkittles autos and Dutch Treat photos in ocean forest on september 1. The  Zkittles popped their heads above ground on the 3rd and the Dutch on the 5th. I moved them into my 4×4 the 10th under a 400w MH and been giving ¼ strength full Biobizz lineup since the 15th. I just transplanted the Dutch the other day so I’m going to start them on full strength nutes, but watching these Zkittles just rocket to flower is impressive. They both showed pre flowers at 10 inches on the 30th, and have stretched 9 inches since then. They are like twins. Whatever fastbuds is doing to keep these predictable is working, I cant wait to see if the rest of the pack follows suit. I’m definitely on board to toss a pair of autos in the beginning of every grow, its just free chicken at 8-10 week mark.