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What’s up DGC, El Pinche here with your daily dose of new grower question. I want to start moving my grow towards organic, with my endgame being a TLO/no till. Right now I use botanicare kind trio and get good results, its taught me the basics, but I dont want to learn pure bottled synthetics if I already know eventually I’m going to move outdoor and organic. I’m thinking of starting my move by switching to biobizz, and I want to get some advice before I dive in. If we assume I’m going to use the entire biobizz lineup-from bio grow all the way to alg-a-mic- what am I going to need to know about my auxiliary additives; things like bloom boosters or cal/mag and such. What have you all found that biobizz can be missing for a top shelf grow that I’ll need to supplement and what brands should I look for to both stay organic and compliment the bizz? Can I use things like my botanicare when I find a deficieny without harming the ecosystem I’ll be building? Would something like the build a soil complete soil building kit be overkill since I’m planning on using bottled nutes or will it make a good base for my ecosystem to build in? And finally, if I do use the build a soil kit will I be able to re-use the soil after I harvest and just re-amend it? And my second final question is will 5gallon radicle bags be large enough to grow with biobizz,  I already know they are way too small to go the supersoil route. Thanks for the help.