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Hey studs and duds, this summer the soil I was working on building was so damp at the time of transplant. I just didn’t feel like I wanted to add water when I planted. I figured I would try it out Just using the soil without adding additional water, and it really worked. And I have since been doing it with dry soil that I wet down with recharge. I have had absolutely no transplant shock since I started doing this. I am now using ocean forest soil and I’m still having no problems. Should I worry about anything? When I get the soil wet and then transplant into it without watering, I feel like there’s all these little pockets of air in the wet soil. I see roots busting out of the bottoms of my pots so fast. I can only assume that it’s because they are having a lot of air to travel through. I am not fully slopping down the soil. It is still light enough and a little lofty. You can just tell that all of the fibers are fully saturated, yet no excess soup that it is floating in at all. Today I am preparing some soil for some seeds that a awesome DGC crewmember sent me. I guess I feel like just starting everything off with Recharge resolves the problem of transplant shock or am I Crusin for a Bruisin by not watering it in ?