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I made a big tray full of clones in rockwool cubes a week before flipping to flower. 95% of them rooted successfully and I potted up the plants I needed. I stuck the rest of the try into a tiny grow tent in the garage under a 10 watt Cree LED bulb (about 2 feet above canopy). The tiny grow tent is 55 F and very high humidity – so much that the leaves are constantly wet with condensation. I look in the tiny grow tent six weeks later and the clones have tripled in size, with large fan leaves, and the only sign of weakness is a slight yellowing that looks like beginning magnesium deficiency. All the plants have an upturned, “praying”, appearance like one would expect from healthy plants.I took one of the clones and potted it into soil, and it’s perfectly healthy.

WTF? Anyone with similar experience?