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Hey guys and gals,

Ok so I transplanted from 5 gallon plastic pots to 5 gallon fabric pots. Well, when lifting the pale off of one of the girls half the dirt, what looked like root system fell off. Was not the taproot but is this a problem? Only had this problem with one of five girls. I guess lmk. Thanks y’all!!!

The stem pic is just a cool shot I got.


Hey guys and gals. So this is an update post due to my transplant. There is one unknown seed (the biggest plant), then the rest are Norther lights auto and one black jack auto (the smallest plant). ok soo………

First two days after transplant I actually couldn’t believe how good they looked. Then around day 4 after is when it got hairy. Ok, so This is my first grow. Get that out of the way.

Skip to the here and now. Ok, so my plants have changed quite a bit. So after the transplant they were good. And then I started to notice the leaves are going limp and starting to loose that deep green color.

I cut the nutrients down in half seeing that I was at 3/4 the regular dose seeing that I’m running autos in coco and 20% perlite. I started out a quarter the first three weeks of veg then upped it from there as I felt it needed. Each plant has an amazing stalk, healthy and strong. And I have gotten the bug problem 95% taken care of as I can see. I am using Humboldt county secret line of nutrients (base a&b 7 ml , cal mag 5 ml, golden tree 2 mls, plant enzymes 1 mo and .3 ml of mammoth p per gallon of water that I’m feeding. I allow the water to drain from the pots then vacuumed out the water from the tray and left the residual run off in the tray for a couple hours then cleaned it.

The light I’m using is the hlg 300 v1 and I have it right now at 22 inches from the canopy. When I close the tent for the day I get all the canopy’s as even as possible. My tent stays between 72-80 F and Rh 45- 73%.

I have an a/c vent going into the room my tent is in and it keeps the room at just around 75 F consistently during the night and day.

Trying to give as much info as possible. Thanks so much everyone.