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Whattup Dude, Scotty, Guru & the DGC at large!!!

I currently use a DIY ultrasonic mist bucket to introduce humidity into my grow space (see provided hand-drawn artwork by yours truly). As you can see, I use a desk fan to simply push air into the bucket forcing humidity out an air duct leading to the grow tent. The humidity bucket is about 3-4 feet away from my home water heater, and so here’s the question:

Would it be a good idea to replace the desk fan with a 4″ inline fan (directly above the bucket) that has it’s input duct leading right next to the water heater pilot? That way, whenever humidity is needed, the air being used is also more likely to have higher CO2 (right?). I’m not sure how the chemistry works, forcing CO2 heavy air into an environment with extremely high humidity. I’d hate to be inadvertently be neutralizing the CO2 somehow.

I found some info on CO2+H20 resulting in Carbonic Acid, however it also says CO2 is only water soluble under pressure (which will not be the case here).

Just seeing if this makes any sense or if it’d be a (at-best) marginal improvement to CO2 levels?

I’d love to hear any feedback!