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so i was in the one tent today watering… and i noticed movement. normally this is not a big deal as my soil is teaming with all sorts of life. but this life was crawling on my plant! my research says thrips. am i right? i added nematodes rove beetles and hypos when i first did the soil. should i have added neoseilulus cucumeres as well for new no till bags? (i’m going to order them now)  i just started 4 new no till bags and need to order bugs for them anyways. should i order anything else for preventative? what other organic solutions do i have for week 2 of flower? the hairs are forming enough i dont think i want to do a neem spray. is a dr bronners soap and water spray good enough until the critters to get into action? they say you can use nemasys as a foliar. would you suggest that in week 2/3 of flower? any other solutions and suggestions are appreciated. thanks tonnes DGC!