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I have used the same paper towel seed germination method for 45 years. Not always perfect but dependable and efficient. One day I watched a video on YouTube where instead of a paper towel the dude (I would love to give credit but couldn’t find the video again) used a coffee filter. I have used a coffee filter ever since with 100% germination. There are several advantages, you can put the filter in a glass and pour the water containing the seed through the filter, fold coffee filter into quarters put it into ziplock bag and proceed as you would with a paper towel. No more trying to separate layers of paper to get germinated seed or tap root stuck to towel and if gets a little dry you don’t injure the root in removing seed. The coffee filter changes a great germination method into the perfect method.

Also started planting seeds rockwool cubes in place of solo cups with 100% seedling viability only failures recently were seed in solo cup and seed directly into coco. Transplant shock has been zero even with autoflowers. Prep the rockwool first by soaking it in water that is pH to 5.8-6.2 then add a dose of Recharge to water and let cube soak for an hour. Be sure to add Recharge after adjusting pH with a pH up or down. I always wait until after my pH adjustment, don’t know if it’s true the the concentrated base and alkaline can harm the mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria of Recharge? I can see the effects in the water as the up/down cause an ethothermic reaction which causes that haze cloud like appears in water. That shock can make some nutrients come out of solution, one is silica you can knock it outta solution easily I always add my liquid bottled silica to some water 12-20 ml to 250 ml water and put into the mix water gently, of course mix water should be pH corrected first.

I hope this helps someone. Just found DGC and I am loving the dudes, for real man!