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Details: $40 donation for entry to the downstairs Throw Down, and additional $50 donation for flower entries and you must provide 20 grams of flower for each entry. Please use tip jars at venue for donations. There will be music provided by DJ Mikey B from Jamin 107.5 and live performances from DJ Mikey B, Nice Dreams and Tawksicc. You’ll receive a glass chilum and five tokens you can choose as many flavors as much as you want. Put your tokens in the flavors you like best!! If you would like to volunteer for this event email me at jdr8757@gmail.com

All the proceeds from the Nug Throw Down this year to go to Ryder Ford!! He has an inoperable brain tumor his family is struggling to get him the medicine he needs. They have opened their minds and their hearts to cannabis as a Medicine. Ryder has Astrocytoma and his tumor is inoperable because it lies on his brain stem. His motor functions and bodily functions are comprised and he suffers with massive pain. He recieves Chemo therapy every Wednesday. The hope is to shrink these tumors and return Ryder back to homeostasis!! Here is a go fund me link.