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Hello, Dude Scotty and Guru!
First off, I love the show (live and recorded) I listen mostly via spotify unless I have time to watch a video. I am a traveling printer technician so I spend a lot of time on the road listening to you on the way to my customers, it makes the time fly. I appreciate everything you guys put out for the masses!  I also have to shout out my mentor Ralph Wiley for getting me into the show.

I am a medical patient from Illinois (5 plant limit) and I use Cannabis for help with issues with my undiagnosed ADHD as well as CPRS (complex regional pain syndrome) – basically nerve damage to my ulnar nerve. I was initially drawn to growing looking to lower my cost of my medicine and manage the quality and now that i am on day 27 of veg with some Wyeast (corpse paint) fem genetics I’ve started from seed (using the paper towel method after a overnight soak) I honestly i really just enjoy being in the garden. You guys have helped me a ton along with my local heroes of the farm.

My setup as follows;
5×5 tent agromax(so good so far)
bigboy hydro 6 bucket system
HLG550 rspec v1 (dialed back about 50%) @ ~24″ from canopy
Canna aqua line (plus calimagic)
Hydroton media
hurricane fan with canister filter
(wally world) safety first humidifier
hydrologic smallboy converted to Ro system with pressure pump (TDS of ~10) I have well water TDS was well over 600 before filtering.
Co2 – 20# tank thru a titan rain system

BTW, this is my first grow.

Anyways, My Energy Company sent me the following offer I’m wondering how to calculate my gardens energy usage and if this would be of any help to manage my cost. Basically they want you to use energy off the peak times.
Here’s the deal: (*Cents per kWh)
summer rate- fixed non-summer fixed
current 5.168 5.864
off peak (10 pm-6 am) 1.7 1.779
peak(6 am-2 pm, 7 pm-10 pm 2.95 2.709
super peak (2-7 pm) 13.898 12.864

Seems legit, but i bet guru is better at math than me! what do you guys think?

I just figured this would be a decent way to introduce myself.
stay lifted!