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Hey guys back again lol. I’m building all my soils and getting them cooking but have run into a small problem. I would like to use the coots mix as a control but cannot find any crab meal or crustacean meal anywhere. Research shows that insect frass has the chitin but it too is hard to source where I am this time of year. is there an alternative to these two things that I can use or should i just bite the bullet and pay the extra monies for shipping?  I watched episode 785 I think it was but it did not really answer my question. I have a long list of ingredients for the other mixes im going to cook as well so i’m sure I already have something that will work fine. (fishbone meal, guano, soft rock phosphate, none have chitin though) seeing as how this is my control though I want to make sure I don’t fuck it up. Any advice from the DGC on the best substitute for crustacean meal or control recipe for super soil. (I do like the idea of the coots mix as a control its very simple)