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Incognito: What up growers, I live in prohibition town and even worse, in an apt that is regularly inspected and nosy neighbors all around. I got me some “Grandaddy Purple ” autoflower. If I build a secret box with one of those small 100 watt led lights and stash it away unnoticed, how long would you think I could keep them hidden before the smell would give me away? I want to try to time this so that I can get them outdoors and done before the helicopter season starts in August. I figure start them three to four weeks before the ground warms up next spring. I expect that by third or forth week of April to start the seeds and hopefully put them outside by end of May. I hope you can tell me when I should expect those little girls to start smelling like their mommas. Do you think I can get by for four weeks before they start reeking goodness?

Much thanks to all and the guys behind the scenes too.