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Hey all,

I’m 32 days into my first veg. Popped one seed of Dosido and she’s been doing great. As far as my setup goes, I’m in a 2×2 tent in my closet, watering with distilled Boston tap water, (trying to let the soil dry between waterings to avoid gnats) she’s in a 2.5 gal plastic pot in a mix of Happy Frog and Ocean Forest and I keep adding small layers of OF and my original compost to the top and watering with very little runoff for nutrients. I wet the foliage a few times a week. I will soon own recharge and other organic food. For lights I have 2 rather large CFLs and one 100w blurple for spectrum on 18-6. Temp and humidity ranges from 70-80 degrees and 35-60%.

A week ago I attempted to FIM top. Not sure if i just killed an entire node or promoted more growth so  maybe you all have some predictions?

Recently I’ve found a small hole in one of the leaves in the top growth. I have no idea what this could be as I feel like I’m already doing many things wrong haha. No pests as far as I can see other than a few gnats every once and awhile. Could it be too much light? Ph? Not enough nutes? Light burn from water droplets? Any advice on this matter or any other aspect of my grow would be much appreciated.

Its seems as though I’ve caught the growing bug and I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks boys,