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Good Morning DGC & CREW, I’m looking for some advice from the DGC.  My last run or the wifes last run was not chopped in time and went a extra week and a half due to health. Upon chopping it down we noticed all these tiny white seeds in the upper half of the plant. When I blasted the trim I got an average of 8 grams of CRUMB WAX per OZ. Now I’m stuck with 2 pounds of this super dense bud that’s seedy. I’m tired of picking seeds out before I smoke. The material is about 6 months old now. I’m looking to hear any  and all “IDEAS” as to what i can turn it in to. If I were to blast it into a Pyrex dish and never stir any air in to it to avoid making more crumb. What should I do with all the oil in the dish? I think I have read that they make a solution that will turn the crumb into a distillate for cartridges. Not sure about this process that’s why I’m reaching out to the DGC FAMILY FOR ADVICE.  Thanks for all your help and Growers Love Chuck Diesel