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What up DGC. I just moved to Michigan and I’m working on my first veg here. I’m still working on finishing the build out on our flower rooms as well as helping a friend on a bit of a nightmare trim. I was noticing some leaf damage creeping in here and there so I started inspecting leaves from different parts of the canopy as well as the stems and top of the dirt in the pots. I didn’t really see anything that I recognized from the pests I dealt with in Colorado(russets, spider mites, thrips, aphids, fungus gnats.) I’ve been super busy so I haven’t had time to spend in the grow the way I normally would.  One of my partners and a friend were in there while I was away and and told me I had some little white things flying around. I spent a few minutes just standing there watching the next time I was in there. Still didn’t see them. It wasn’t until the day after that I saw some of these little white flakes buzzing around the lights. Did a small amount of research and it seems to be White Flies. I know people in Florida who have problems with them on there trees in the back yard, but I’ve never see them in my grow before. Do you guys have experience with these?  Whats your solution?  I’ve got some stuff i usually use that should do the trick, and tell Guru i’m getting some wetable sulfur for any future issues. Just wanted to hear what you got on it. Thanks