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Hello DGC!

I’m an ex member turned current member thanks to the expansion of grow talk!

I have a question that is based more on curiousness than concern…

My plants seem to be ready for sleep 4-5 hours before lights off. Progressively wilting and new growth closes up like praying hands.

QUESTION: Are my plants worn out from a hard days work or are there stress factors I need to hone in on?

…So I’m growing Cherry Cordial from TGA Genetics. The pics are almost 4 weeks from the day I planted in Solo cups, and 5 days after transplanting into 1gl Dirt Bags. Today they seemed nearly fully recovered from the transplant [using Mykos and Azos], which is a slower recovery than I’m used to, but looked like a normal response to me.


• Humidity and temperature controllers equipped

• Air cooled reflector MH 600 watt. *30°-50° outside air through hood with glass (not sealed, minor air leaks)

• 4×4 tent

• 77° daytime temp, 69° nighttime temp (Leaf surface temp 72°-74°)

• 45%-50%  daytime RH, nighttime is same, but not as stable yet, may spike to 80%, but still dialing in.

• In soil, organic nutes, Optic Rev/Watts/Transport foliar spray.

No IPM yet other than scoping 100X, but I have 4 foliar products on hand. I haven’t seen a bug in 2 months up here in the frozen Cali mountains so not in a rush lol!

Thanks for all responses from the crew!