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Hey Dude, Scotty, and Guru and DGC!

Just popped some seeds and the seedlings are showing some signs of stress or disease? They are about 20 days old from first sprout.

I tend to over react with these things and my research is leading me to think I have tobacco or hemp Mosaic virus … Or just had a bad environment for the youngsters early on. There are two strains showing similar patterns. I was watering with a solution that had a small amount of silica in it as it was a foliar I was using for the older gals in the tent.

My temp is a little low as I have a garage grow with little environmental inputs. My veg. tent stays around 70 @ an RH of 65-70. According to the VPD charts I am good to go there. I had low humidity at first around 40-50% early on and about the same temp 65-70.

The thing that is puzzling is the markings on the leaves. They have white lines and patches on them. I can understand if that is necrosis from pushing too high of VPD early on, however the newish growth is showing the same things.

Any advice on this would be great. They are safe for now and I am doing what I can to baby them back to health.

Thanks DGC for all of the awesome advice and community you give and show. Keep growing!