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Hey DGC,

Been hemming and hawing about LED’s. I have an HPS that was gifted to me, but since the price of LED’s has come down I was thinking on taking the plunge into the cool waters of LED lighting.  Is it worth it to build myself, buy a kit or buy a pre-assembled one from one of the vendors that support your show? I know that the specs matter the most, but I’m looking more just at the cost right now (I can hear Guru about to come through the computer and strangle me).

The size I’m looking at is a 2’x2′ to a 2.5’x2.5′. Mostly for flower.

I did not include taxes or discount codes.

Here’s a rundown of what I have come up with:

Self build using “LED Gardener” build and buying from Rapid LED (4 Citizen cob kit): Approx. $320.00 USD

Rapid LED Chilled Logic: $260.00 USD

Rapid LED CXB3590: $289.00 USD

Spectrum King Closet Case 100: $199.00 USD

HLG 135W QB: $197.00 USD

HLG QB96 Elite w/ driver: Approx. $194.00 USD